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Correlation of Complex Random Variables

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    Why there is a half factor in the definition of the correlation of complex random variables, like:


    Thanks in advance
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    I don't think that's true as a general rule. For the example you give, an autocorrelation, the general formula would be


    I'm guessing that in your case, 1/2 is just the normalization factor 1/E[z*z], perhaps because the real and imaginary parts of z are independent with mean square 1.
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    does this general formula apply to the real-valued case, too?
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    The general formula for a correlation is [tex]\frac{Cov(x,y)}{\sqrt{Var(x)Var(y)}}[/tex]. In the case of an autocorrelation, x, and y are the same (except displaced in time, which doesn't affect the variance), so the denominator reduces to Var(x) = E[x^2].
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    So, 0.5 is just a normalization factor. Ok thanks a lot.

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