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  1. Evo

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    As a result of my many falls, I have injured my hips, or more specifically my sacroiliac. So today to try to alleviate the growing pain, I have had two injections of cortisone into both sides of my sacroiliac joints.

    I will report back in a few days to let you know if it works.

    I must say that the information on the internet that the injections are painful aren't true. They were no more painful than any shot.

    Has anyone here had cortisone injections into their back to stop pain?
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  3. Astronuc

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    I think my mother-in-law has had shots as one describes, and possibly for the same reason, but not related to falls. The shots apparently work.
  4. lisab

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    A boyfriend I had a long time ago had one in his shoulder. He passed out from the pain of the shot...I don't recall if he had any injury due to fainting.

    It did seem to help the shoulder, though.
  5. Evo

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    Considering how much pain I was already in, the shots were nothing. I am really hoping the injections work. I'm supposed to call the doctor if they work, or in a week if nothing happens.

    The pain relief should last from a few weeks to a few months, then will have to be repeated, unfortunately, the relief, if any, is only temporary. My condition is degenerative.
  6. ouch... and you say you have received damage to your sacroilac? and its degenerative?
    i am curious to know what has happened during one of your falls or multiple to cause that.... do you know?
  7. Astronuc

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    Apparently problems with the sacroiliac joints are rather common, and apparently more after menopause.

    The change in hormones, particularly after menopause, exacerbates SIJ injury.

    Good luck with the treatment.

  8. Evo

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    My fall down the stairs showed that I had tiny bone fragments that broke off and were causing inflamation, that was over 10 yuears ago. They said the fragments were too tiny to remove surgically, I'm sure the two subsequent falls where I landed on the base of my spine (and broke my arm each time) didn't help.
  9. Evo

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    Ok, day two, now I'm sore from the injections, so it's worse than before the injections. Hopefully tomorrow will see improvement.
  10. Evo

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    Day 5, I am still in more pain now than before the injections, probably due to the painful swollen lump from one of the injections and the fact it didn't seem to relieve the original pain either.

    Oh well.
  11. Astronuc

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    :frown: When do you go back to the doctor? Can one go back sooner if it appears that the shot(s) are not working?

    How did the doctor ensure that the injections actually went into the joints?
  12. Evo

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    I'm supposed to call if they don't work.

    He guessed.
  13. Astronuc

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    :bugeye: :surprised :eek:

    Um - in what kind of primitive society do you live?!

    I think he missed.
  14. just be careful, do your research, and get a second or third opinion. too many cortisone shots over time can erode connective tissue. don't know if it can actually dissolve bone, though it is technically connective tissue . anyway, sorry to hear this, it sounds like they're saying there is no way to fix your problem, only to find ways to treat the pain and inflammation.
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