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Countries to study engineering

  1. Oct 22, 2015 #1
    I want to study engineering abroad, but i dont speak german (so germany is out of the list) and i have a tight budget ( so many of the countries with large tution fees are off such as UK , switz etc..)
    After a lot of research i found that the 2 countries suitable for me would be france and belgium, so which are better if i wanted to study engineering?
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    France: Rouen, Paris, Toulouse.
    Belgium: Gent, Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve

    I would rather choose France, also because of the huge aerospace and automotive industry there. You must speak french fluently, though.
    I would also gather more information about studying in France and Belgium, what are the universities arranging for foreign students, etc..
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    Well, i am more interested in chemical engineering and energy engineering, i thought of france in the first place because of the research capabilities, i heard that the best research institutes in europe are in france and switzerland, but what made me think about belgium is the possibility of studying ( chemical engineering in english) in KU leuven which is according to ratings the best university in belgium and even better than any university in france, and also the application process is way less complicated
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    I used to drive a Peugeot. They could use some more engineers.
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    Well, ITER is being built in France, they have CNRS, and Switzerland of course has CERN and PSI. I don't know about Leuven being better than any university in France, maybe they are very good in chemical engineering, but it is a good university. You could also check out the technical universities in the Netherlands (Delft, Eindhoven), the application process in the Netherlands is also not so complicated.
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