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Homework Help: Creating a 4 bit full adder logic circuit

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    Hello, i had a quick question, basically i am trying to build a 4 bit full adder logic circuit on a motherboard.
    i been trying to research but i came up empty...i would like to know what are the exact parts that i need to successfully build this logic circuit?

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    You can build it using
    1- Combination of AND,OR and NOT gates
    2- NAND or NOR
    2- Decoder and 4 OR gate
    3- Multiplexers
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    Well, if you just need a 4-bit adder, an IC 74LS83 (an IC with one 4-bit adder in it) would suffice.

    If you actually want to explore the operation of this adder and build one yourself, then you should look up how a full adder is made. Cascading four full adders would give you a 4-bit adder.

    Wikipedia has a well good page on this - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_adder#Full_adder
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