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Creating a remote starter for servo motor

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    I need some help with this guys. I'm by no means an electrical engineer, although I am an IT Administrator, I'm looking for some advice or a direction of where to start. I've got a servo motor that I would like to set up to start remotely. Where do I need to start, and how do I go about figuring this out? Do I need a circuit board or can I modify something that is existing, with similar characteristics? The ideal situation would be like this. I have a key fob, or remote, and I push a button so that it sends a signal to the receiver that is connected to the servo, and it will start it for me, and then cut if off. I may also need to add a delay relay device on it as well. I don't even know if this is too much to ask, but I figured that I would start here. Thanks for any and all help that you guys could give me.
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    How remote ? What range do you require ?
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