What is Starter: Definition and 45 Discussions

A starter (also self-starter, cranking motor, or starter motor) is a device used to rotate (crank) an internal-combustion engine so as to initiate the engine's operation under its own power. Starters can be electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic. The starter can also be another internal-combustion engine in the case, for instance, of very large engines, or diesel engines in agricultural or excavation applications.Internal combustion engines are feedback systems, which, once started, rely on the inertia from each cycle to initiate the next cycle. In a four-stroke engine, the third stroke releases energy from the fuel, powering the fourth (exhaust) stroke and also the first two (intake, compression) strokes of the next cycle, as well as powering the engine's external load. To start the first cycle at the beginning of any particular session, the first two strokes must be powered in some other way than from the engine itself. The starter motor is used for this purpose and it is not required once the engine starts running and its feedback loop becomes self-sustaining.

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  1. M

    I want to learn particle physics

    How did you find PF?: Google Search I am in 8th grade and 10 hours a day free time and i am highly motivated to learn some particle physics. What should i start with?
  2. Weightlifting

    Intro Physics Starting fresh, but where to start?

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum, and I've tried looking at all the conventions on the forum, but if anything I say is out of line, please speak up! With that out of the way, I've added some of my background in physics in the spoiler, with the main questions below that. Looking back at...
  3. Y

    Any suggestion of a good self starter book on HTML?

    I want a suggestion on a book for learning HTML programming. You all know what my level is...which is NOT MUCH. I just want to get a book that is not too hard to learn. One that I can experiment and play with. Thanks
  4. Siviwe Nkosana

    How to fix a quad bike handlebar starter

    I am currently facing a problem with my quad bike handlebar starter switch. When i am turning it on it does humming but it seems as if it is not getting the power to its alternator
  5. S

    Induction Motor Auto-Transformer Starter - Power and Torque

    Homework Statement Describe an auto-transformer starter. From the expression for power input per phase (∝ torque) show that for a turns ratio (n) of √3:1 , for the auto-transformer: Homework Equations Pin (phase) = 3 V I cos∅ I = V/Z cos∅ = R/Z T∝I∧2 T∝V∧2 For auto transformer with...
  6. duhuhu

    Can you damage your starter motor with too much current?

    Hey all! Today I took my car to the shop for some starter issues. They told me that the starter had been damaged by a battery with a higher CCA rating than was safe for the starter motor and it burned out my motor slowly over time. I feel like they may be BS'ing me, but I'm not sure. I know my...
  7. S

    How to calculate torque and power for self starter and flywheel

    How to calculate following input and output parameters- 1. Input at starter motor - Drive torque and power as shown below 2. Output at flywheel axle - torque, power, Kinetic energy, centrifugal force as shown below Input parameters: starter motor rpm -3600, Gear ratio- 18: 1 if any parameter...
  8. B

    Help for a beginner -- How to learn physics starting from the beginning?

    Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Paolo i’m from Argentina and I have 26 years old. I study “skills in the direction of sales teams” and I’m the coordinator of a sale team. Since I was 15 I love all referd to physics and six years ago I start seeing videos of talks from many scientific...
  9. H

    Motorcycle starter safety circuit

    I don't know if it's the same for a car but bikes uses a starter relay to set off a starter motor which cranks the engine. Bikes have a side stand for you to lean the bike against when stationary. In case the rider tries to start the bike with side stand deployed (could cause crash if forget to...
  10. ISamson

    Arduino Starter Kit Project Ideas

    Hello, I have ordered an arduino atarter kit and plan to explore some programming and electronics. Do you have any interesting project ideas for me? Thanks.
  11. B

    How does using a 12v starter motor on 24v affect power and current draw?

    hello, if i use a 12v 1.2kw starter motor on 24v. how the power will change and how much current will it consume.
  12. S

    Building a Diesel-Powered Car: Pneumatic Starter Questions

    Hi I'm very new to this so bear with me lol. I'm trying to plan out a project for building a diesel powered car and I want to use an of the shelf pneumatic starter for novelty but I don't know how much volume I need. So the starter requires 120 psi @500scfm. My idea is to use scuba tanks or...
  13. Frank Li

    Calculus Any Calculus Starter Textbook suggestions?

    I would like to start learning my calculus course before in school. Are here any textbooks or science reading books that would help me with the situation?
  14. I

    Other Superconductor book for starter?

    I got interested in this superconductor stuff a few week ago and I just want to learn more about this. So any book or ebook recommendation about superconductor ? especially for starter ? Note: I'm a new engineering student
  15. teroenza

    Starting Motor Without it's Starter Capacitor

    I found a motor I think is from an old AC unit in the recycle. It is a 1/4 HP, 265V, 1.20A AC motor. I've been looking to make a low-torque sander and was thinking about using this as a a drive motor. I know the starter capacitor is there to provide an initial burst of current to get it up to...
  16. FeDeX_LaTeX

    Why Does My Sourdough Taste Like Onions?

    A brief introduction: About 6-7 months ago I got really interested in making various types of bread. The one bread that I really wanted to make was sourdough: it is one of the oldest breads in the world, and perhaps one of the most universally loved, described by some as being "the world's best...
  17. W

    How autotransformer can be used as a starter

    how autotransformer can be used as a starter for 5000hp motor voltage rating 11kv, as autotransformer has the tap rating of 50, 65, 80 prcnt
  18. Jewish_Vulcan

    Can You Graduate From the Starter Phase on this Forum?

    What are the requirements to exit the starter phase of this forum?
  19. L

    DOL Motor Starter can support 160KW, 1000KVA Pump?

    Hello! Everyone, I am Lincoln from Singapore. I am from mechanical background. Recently, I am handling a rain-water tank with sump pumps project. May I seek you guys who are in electrical expertise for some professional advice for the following: Is the DOL starter possible to support...
  20. S

    Does this starter kit have everything I need?

    I've found this starter kit on Amazon "https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002PIJ31W/?tag=pfamazon01-20 and I'm considering getting it but just first wondering what you guys think about it. I'm a newbie here and I plan to try and do some basic programming with the microcontroller. Like adding a...
  21. T

    Creating a remote starter for servo motor

    I need some help with this guys. I'm by no means an electrical engineer, although I am an IT Administrator, I'm looking for some advice or a direction of where to start. I've got a servo motor that I would like to set up to start remotely. Where do I need to start, and how do I go about...
  22. Ascendant78

    What is a good (academic) physics starter book?

    I will be taking Physics this coming fall and am looking for a good book to accompany it as a study/reference guide. From what I have heard, the pdf textbook that the teacher offers is not very good, as it lacks a variety of practice problems and thorough explanations. Since I am majoring in...
  23. F

    How Can I Wire a Start/Stop Button for a Motor Starter with Multiple Contactors?

    hello guys... im now doing motor starter for conveyor..so i decide to use 4 magnetic contactor connected with overload relay each..1 contactor for main supply and i make some looping for other 3 contactor each contactor connected to one conveyor... it is 3 phase and 2 poles overload relay..im...
  24. S

    Turbine ECU starter voltage drop

    Hi Guys, I have a model gas turbine that is driven by an ecu ... the ecu starter output is 12.6volts but the starter motor is rated to 6volts. The ECU can easily supply 20amps although the starter motor is rated to 5amps max efficiency. I need to drop the voltage from 12.6volts to...
  25. N

    How can I protect my DC series motor starter from frequent damage?

    we have an air comprissor screw type driven by dc serise motor direct start it use in locomotive the control circut inclode pressure switch and tempratue switch but alway we have problem in it many times the motor burnt. The motor is from simo company Rated volt 110 Rated current 210...
  26. B

    Study/reading tips for a late starter

    Hi, This is my first post. I've been mulling over whether to go back to university and study physics for years now. I've always had a passing fascination but have been constantly aware that I'm picking up the glamourous 'new scientist' end of the field and that real physics is, in all...
  27. L

    Solve Star-Delta Starter Problem: Find Starting Torque

    Hi, I got a small problem which I'm not sure I'm solving correctly. A small induction motor has a short circuit current equal to 5 times the full-load current. I need to find the starting torque as a percentage of full load torque if the motor is started by a star-delta starter. It is also known...
  28. J

    Question about the starter of a fluorescent lamp.

    Question about the "starter" of a fluorescent lamp. Suppose the following circuit which is a simple fluorescent lamp. It consists of a "starter" connected in series to an inductor and this connected in parallel with the extremities of the lamp and to the voltages of the alternating current...
  29. N

    LaTeX Learning Latex: A Starter Guide for the Struggling Coder

    I'm struggling with latex. I know HTML and can code in C, but for the life of me I need more examples. Can someone point me to a reference that is less than a gazzillion pages long and longer than two pages of reference code. Just something to get me started on my way...
  30. S

    What is the best starter book to learn chemistry?

    A friend of mine is interested in chemistry and has an upcoming birthday. I want to get her a starter book but personally have no idea where to start. If anyone could refer me something it would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking for something that would outline the basics and really show...
  31. Ƒ

    Some interesting brainteasers Starter I used

    Some interesting brainteasersStarterI used Some interesting brainteasers Starter I used factorials for this one, but it will be interesting to see how you attempt your answer. Head Scratcher These questions are designed so that anybody above the age of about 13 can answer...
  32. L

    What is the difference between integral and fractional horsepower starters?

    I am trying to purchase a starter for a very small single phase motor (.14kW). I have come across some schneider starters, but I am unsure what the difference is between these two...
  33. A

    How Can a Late Starter Prepare for University?

    Hi, I need some advice. I have to start collage later then I'd like to but I still want to get into a good university. I was home schooled and I studied hard, the SATs are not a problem but I'm out of high school and I could use some ideas on how to show I'm still trying, even if I can't start...
  34. L

    Any good sources for starter motors (without gearbox/solinoid)?

    I'm trying to find a DC motor in the 3-3.5kW 12-24V range (Preferably 24V) for a project that will utilize the motor at maximum power for occasional short bursts of maybe 2-3 seconds in duration at most. The motor needs to be fairly small, lightweight, and CHEAP ($100 or less). Starter motors...
  35. G

    Unravelling Hodge Duality: A Starter Guide

    I'm having problems understanding Hodge duality in its most basic form. It relates exterior p forms to exterior n-p forms where n is the dimensionality of the manifold. I can't seem to follow the discussion on the hodge dual operator on this lecture course (page 19)...
  36. I

    LaTeX Latex Starter Help: Troubleshooting Errors

    So i downloaded texnic center over at http://www.toolscenter.org then got mik tek installed And have a friends thesis template (hahah could i be anymore spoon fed) and yet when i try to build/compile/hit F7 with all my might i don't get a pdf preview am i missing something? UPDATE when i...
  37. A

    Archived Calculating Back EMF of an Automobile Starter Motor

    Homework Statement An automobile starter motor draws a current of 1.9 A from a 5.5 V battery when operating at normal speed. A broken pulley locks the armature in position, and the current increases to 8.6 A. What was the back emf of the motor when operating normally? Answer in units of...
  38. wolram

    Invaluable Tool: Multi Positional Obstructed Screw, Nut, Bolt Starter

    It is a multi positional obstructed screw, nut , bolt starter, it is very functional and can save hours of build time, material costs are well below a £1, the tool could be a throw away or reusable for repeat jobs. Would there be a market for such an invaluable tool?
  39. F

    Astrophysics Starter Guide | Find the Best Textbooks

    hey all, Has anyone got any suggestions for a good astrophysics starter text. Not to keen for a pop science book, more of a qualitative book. Regards
  40. M

    Find a Cheap uP Starter Kit and Compiler for LED Projects

    Hi, I'm looking for a very cheap uP start kit that I can practice c language and perhaps assembly language on. I want to light up led's and stuff like that. Can anyone direct me to a good url to find one I can purchase. I'm interested in the software (compiler), etc. too. regards...
  41. K

    How Does an Airplane Engine Starter Work?

    Hi, I want to know how the engine works from aircraft. exacly how it starts. Could anyone explain to me. Thanks a lot :rolleyes:
  42. E

    Late Starter looking for advice

    I'm 26, and depending on how things go I'll be entering college either this year or next, when I'm 27 or 28 respectively. I'm thrilled to be going to college as this is something I've wanted to do since I was 18 but have only just now been able to accomplish (due to financial problems...
  43. S

    How Does Acceleration Affect Speed Skater's Velocity on Rough Ice?

    1. A speed skater moving across frictionless ice at 8.20 hits a 4.60-m-wide patch of rough ice. She slows steadily, then continues on at 5.30 . SLC: I am assuming that Vf = 5.3 m/s ; Vi = 8.2 m/s ; d = 4.60 m ; a =? ; t = ?. Can you get me started with a correct forumula? I am fairly certain...
  44. dduardo

    Is Microsoft's Windows XP Starter Edition a Joke or a Strategic Move?

    This has to be the funniest Microsoft news I've heard in a while: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5670541/ Microsoft is trying to counter Linux and piracy in Asia by offering a stripped down version of Windows XP for $36 USD. The limitations of this version of Windows include: Only 3...
  45. E

    Where Can I Find a Free Ebook of Gilbert Strang's Linear Algebra?

    Is there any titles that would aid a beginner into LA? Or just any good LA books that anyone knows of... Thanks in advance!