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Creating a spark

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    Dear electrical engineers,

    I'm a mechanical engineer and I tried building a capacitance ignition system which didn't work does anybody know what the easiest way is to create a high voltage spark??

    My supply voltage is 24 volt.
    I just need to press a button and ignite my experiment.

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    The easiest way is to use inductive kickback. Have you learned how to use an inductor to store energy in a current and convert it to a high voltage?
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    NO sorry I'm not an electrical engineer.
    The trick will be that we need to know how much energy will be released at the spark
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    This wikipedia link should get you going. You would basically use a flyback topology tranformer to generate the high voltage spike that jumps the spark gap. The energy in the arc is similar to the energy that is stored in the transformer right before the main switching element (transistor or points) opens up.

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