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  1. A

    Breakdown voltage of humid air in uniform electric field

    Could any one please let me know if breakthrough spark can happen, or, in general, what will happen in the below system? Note 1: the dielectric layers have a much higher breakthrough voltage than humid air. Note 2: the intensity of the electric field that develops in the flow of the humid air is...
  2. N

    I Sparks in dark room

    I saw strange flashes of light last night in a dark room and am wondering what caused them. They seemed the only happen when I moved the comforter, but it was not always in the same area. I thought at first it was a brief reflection of light, but I couldn't find a source for the reflection that...
  3. mfig

    Help with ignition system

    Hello, I would like to design a spark ignition system with a wider range of energy delivery than a typical MSD system. On the MSD systems I have looked at, they are limited to about a 10 mJ range, but I need to go from, say 5 mJ to 1 J if possible. Does anyone know of a packaged system like...
  4. R

    What is in the spark

    When I take a step-up transformer say from the igniter coil from an oil burner and step up the voltage from 110 volts to 10,000 volts with just a very small fraction of an amp in the secondary why is it I get a huge spark. Is the spark not a large collection of electrons jumping the gap because...