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Criminals and soldiers.

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    so what im wondering. during a war when they have the conscription/draft. Do they take any people who are actually in jail for murder or something like that?

    or if your in jail, can you gain your freedom through joining the military during a war?

    Like say there's some person like the DC snipers. They are homicidal and can kill. Why not send them to the front to kill the enemy, instead of sending a non-murderer to the front have someone sitting in jail doing nothing.
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    Most prisoners have problems following any type of authority.

    The army is all about authority. Not a good combination.
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    I dunno. Id be interested in seeing results of this.

    You see. While im not homicidal or anything. I have done like intellectual exercises to see if i could do an illegal sort of thing. BUT all the while being completely legal. I suppose i might be considered something like a corporate criminal type. Ive designed 3 scams in my head that are completely legal in canada. which result in very good profits. these scams would very very likely result in an investigation by authorities. and when they come knocking. I would admit to the things completely. All the while laughing because I didnt do anything illegal.

    You see. I'd be a criminal in a way to beat the system and be scotts free. But im above average intelligence.

    Now discluding people who break the law without preconception. for example the people who get angry and kill people and stuff. also disclude people who have an agenda. Like you want to kill certain people and you design how your going to do it. Anyhow im not specifically saying they have to be murderers. you can just replacing killing with robbing or whatever.

    The people who are left. These people kill because thats what they do. Like they have some sort of fetish or something. wierd example would be the cannibalists. they dont have any agenda like killing a family member or friend or co-worker. They simply kill to eat. and the people being killed arent specific. you can also have fetish killers who kill for like nice skin. I can think of the one movie where the guy kills woman to wear their skin and act like a chick.

    Anyhow what im trying to explain is that these criminal types are more interested in the kill. Not really the anti-authority.

    Like Take these people. Give them the equipment and a picture of the enemy. parachute them lonewolf into enemy territory. and let them do their thing.
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    They use to do this before the modern era.... making criminals into soldiers that is. The problem is...its really no comparison to your average "citizen soldier". Your average soldier WANTS to fight for his country while your average criminal... well for one, he doesn't even have respect for his countries laws!
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    Lets put a big red flag next to the munky's username.
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    so it has been done. happen to know what country did this?

    Im talking about the draft. and since there has been alot of people who chose to goto jail instead of serving their country. I would find alot of the conscripts are disgruntled the same way the criminals would be.

    why and or what for?
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    The british navy crewed their ships with convicts, and basically any one else they chose to kidnap. (It was a practice to go into a coastal town and round up any able-bodied men into forced service for the Crown)
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    munky99999, There is an old WWII movie called "The Dirty Dozen" that you might enjoy. In general however, there is no moral equivalency between soldiers and criminals.

    There isn't anything illegal (usually) about "doing intellectual exercises". You only become a "criminal type" when you cross the line and break some law...usually in order to hurt someone else (or try to).
  10. Feb 12, 2006 #9
    i think i may have seen dirty dozen. and i think i might watch the movie again anyhow.

    Ok im not going to go into detail about any of my scams(so nobody else does it). but they have a good relation to scams that have been done before.

    The movie boiler room for example. its a pretty good scam. also now quite illegal to do in canada. get a business on the market. HAve 400,000 shares. bought at about 2 cents each. get loads and loads of people to buy into this company. which raises the stock price ALOT. then sell out those 400,000 shares making LOTS of money.

    another scam that i designed on my own years ago. and this back when Pentium 2 was a powerful machine. I setup a website which sells advertising space and the site is completely meant for advertising. and once the space is sold its sold. No payments based on traffic or anything. Ive told people about the idea. I got pretty much all riddicule. I didnt have a visa or anything. and guess what couple years later someone does it and makes some money.

    and just for the fun of the thread. ill tell you guys of a scam which is related. That hasnt been done. Which should be fun. but its a hard to do one. first of all you need to set up a ALL advertising site. which pays completely by traffic. you then have access to a very high traffic website. Something like megagames.com or something. IT needs to be a site with advertising. You then setup this sites advertising to stay the same, but have a very very tiny pixel which loads this all advertising website in that spot. Now what it looks like to the advertising trackers is normal traffic to this webpage. and no link to this popular webpage.

    ok so basically the scam makes good money. doesnt ruffle feathers. but definately looks BS.

    anyhow my other 3 are all mine. they are perfect. All these carrer advice say. HAve ur dream job, then a backup incase of bad results of the dream. But usually the backup is like garbage man. well personally i would find that so boring. so i designed scams like this as my backup :)
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    This thread isn't "fun", and I predict that it will be deleted soon...so try not to be surprised, or get your nose "bent out of joint", when that happens.

    OK, this part was just a little bit funny and made me laugh...:rofl:. If this really is your "backup plan", then I advise you to forget about it and go look for a new backup plan. You won't get anywhere doing this sort of thing on your own, but you might want to consider a career in law enforcement. Have you ever thought of that?
  12. Feb 12, 2006 #11
    I think we should make a new Medal for the first PF'er to post from a Candian Federal Prison. Did you study the law? Im 99.9999% sure there is a law somewhere against what you want to do in Canada, its just that you haven't heard about it before.
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    Munky..give a shot at staying on topic in your own thread.

    Men in both the Army and Navy of Britain from about 1700-~1900 were the "dredges" of society, though I do not think even there they emptied the prisons for recruits.

    I believe the felons are not allowed to enlist in the US military. If you watch the Dirty Dozen, be sure to follow it up with Alice's Restaurant.
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    im not in jail lol. and you dont even have a clue what my ideas are. so making the assumption that they will fail is foolish. Infact my dream job is in physics. second backup is a general mathematics, 3rd backup is going into the military airforce pilot or army sharpshooter(i dont hear of many snipers who die) and im sure i can get into the army as enlisted without any trouble. which they make pretty good money. alot of the money going into GIC/RRSPs

    and become a cop? no thanks. Unless. i end up doing army sniper. and then goto the police as sniper.

    Thats just it. You dont have to study the entire law. You can bring up all related and speak with a person who has studied law, a judicial judge for me.
  15. Feb 12, 2006 #14
    Good luck with that plan my friend :uhh: Don't blame us when you go to jail.
  16. Feb 12, 2006 #15
    Im staying on topic. the topic being criminals.

    For American Army.
    So in good moral standing im guessing is what your saying. but for canadian forces.
    Nothing as far as i know. Though it may still be there.
  17. Feb 12, 2006 #16
    know what? its funny how an american would say such a thing. at no point do i ever expect to do such things. wanna know something else about me? I have a very good memory. I can easily memorise 6 decks of cards. Which means I can cheat easily in casinos. Do i gamble? Nope. Do i have friends who are similar. Do they gamble? yes actually they do and they usually bring home a couple thousand each night they go.

    Im contented in the fact that I COULD beat the system. I never intend on actually doing it. Would I ever take a job to make the game immune to such people who can beat it? Definately not.

    Did you know that you can get 1/4 odds on winning at roulette? and anyone with a quick mind which is good a math can do it.
  18. Feb 12, 2006 #17
    No, not really. Stop sharing your cockamamie get rich quick scams to rip off innocent people.

    Even if you can count 6 decks of cards, go try it at a Vegas or Atlantic City casino and see how long before they catch wind of what you are doing and blacklist you from all casinos in the United States.

    What does being American have to do with having good judgement?
  19. Feb 12, 2006 #18


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    I do so have a clue what your ideas are. You yourself refer to them as "scams" and said that "Ive told people about the idea. I got pretty much all riddicule."

    OK, these are all fine. In the US we have ROTC in college so that you can become a military officer while you're earning your degree; do they have anything like this in CA?

    Another great plan, oh munky99999...join the army as a sniper in order to stay safe and get rich...:rofl: .

    There's more to "law enforcement" than being a "street cop". You could work for the federal goverment catching corporate criminals for example.
  20. Feb 12, 2006 #19
    firstly. thats USA and I dont know the law there. but from not so official sources. counting cards is legal as long as ur doing it in ur head.
  21. Feb 12, 2006 #20
    What? As opposed to all the illegal card counters in the casino who do it out loud. Enough with the nonsense, please.
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