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Critique my schedule plan

  1. Jun 29, 2011 #1
    Semester 3
    Introduction to Computers 3 15
    Scientific programming 3
    Calculus I 4
    College Survival 1
    E Physics I 4

    Semester 4
    Calculus II 4 15
    College Chem 4
    Mathematical Analysis III 3
    Engineering Physics II 4

    Semester 5
    Calc III 4 16
    Linear Algebra 3
    Differential Equations 4
    Engineering Physics III 5

    This will get me an associates in double major for physics/mathematics-going for a PhD in physics (leaning toward theoretical)

    I will finish my associates in 2.5 years. I could perhaps finish if I decide to do just a physics major in two years (using the summer session). But I am not using the summer session because next summer I have the internship. Is this a bad idea, does it look bad if I finish an associates in 2.5 years?

    And Does my class work look evened out through the semesters?

    Maybe I'm making a big deal out of it, but its a big deal to me hehe. Criticism needed.
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    Looks pretty solid to me. After you transfer to a university, you'll have a good background in material to finish off your bachelor degrees in math and physics and go for your PhD.

    Of course not. The fact that you have an internship and you're preparing yourself for dual majors speaks volumes. I can't say what every university looks for, but if I were looking at your transcript, you would be rated higher than someone who finished their associates in 2 years with a standard major.

    Yes. You've got a good mix of math, programming and physics courses in there.
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    Seems legit.
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    Lmaoo. Its a required course for my associates, its a community college.
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