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Current in series

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    resistance is oppsition to the flow of current then why the current is same in series resistive ciruit..??
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    Any complex circuit can be simplified, this being the case -- what does current see entering a circuit?
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    Remove or add a load and you will see that the current value changes.
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    soft land, if you have a voltage source connected to one resistance, what will happen is that the voltage source will look through it's terminals finds the amount of resistance connected to it and figure out who much current it can give to the circuit by applying ohm's law and then outputs that current. now if you connect two resistances in series the voltage source will again look at it's terminal only this time to find that the resistance have increased thus adjusting the current given to the circuit.

    Also another way to look at it is that the current is a given quantity of electrons flowing through the resistance. when the current passes through the resistance or "opposition" it slows down but it must pass -where else would it go- this slow-down is simply the voltage drop across the resistance.
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