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Homework Help: Daedalon Chaotic Pendulum issue

  1. Feb 17, 2013 #1
    I am working with a Daedalon chaotic pendulum for an experimental physics class. The pendulum is rather old and seems to have a strange problem. The pendulum can be driven by a DC current, and as voltage is increased, the pendulum begins to rotate. The pendulum is supposed to rotate smoothly and at some point start oscillating. The pendulum I am working with though gets stuck after some initial rotation and no increase in voltage will begin the rotation again. Only a manual "kick" to the pendulum will cause the pendulum to begin moving again. The daedalon device allows for damping, but the damping is not the issue. The manual nor my professor can provide guidance as to why the pendulum is operating this way. Has anyone else worked with this model and experienced similar issues? The company seems to no longer exist or was bought by another company.
    Here is the model I am working with. http://www.oberlin.edu/physics/catalog/demonstrations/waves/chaospendulum.html I am not a student at Oberlin though.

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