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Damped Harmonic Motion

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    Hey guys, using my knowledge of y=(e^ax) sin bx and y=(e^ax) cos bx, I need to find an example where these functions could be used as a model. I was thinking about damped harmonic motion but had a tough time trying to find an example and how i could relate it to those two graphs, any ideas?
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    The example can be a simple pendulum. But "y" cannot be the two things simultaneously. It is sin or cos or more general: cos(bx+phi)
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    Would i be able to use a mass on the end of a spring? what would the graph look like if so?
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    Damped motion on a spring, voltage across an RC oscillator, an electromagnetic plane wave propagating through a lossy (or gain) medium, the tail of the wavefunction of a particle in a finite well: the list goes on and on and on.
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    Could i please have a quick explanation of the damped motion on a spring, and will the graph have a formula something like y=(Ae^-ax) cox (bx+pi)
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    Try wikipedia
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    you'ld need a "dashpot" for there to be any damping.
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    Look for the underdampening case in damped harmonic motion.
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