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Dark matter speculations

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    With nearly all certainty I'm gonna ask something to laugh about but...
    Assuming LCDM would be right, the fact that it so greatly outnumbers baryonic matter could reasonably suggest that it might play a significant role in the way the universe works, but so far we have not given it any star role in our theories. Given that there are a few mysteries to solve in our current understanding of the world, and that DM is mysterious as well, have there been any attempts at relating DM to those mysteries?

    A couple of crazy examples:
    - DM somehow related to the Quantum mysteries: Several people still believe that the mysteries of QM may be due to some sort of hidden variables. DM is "hidden" from our standard theoretical descriptions of the world. Could DM provide some hidden feature contibuting to the quantum behaviour or baryonic matter and EM radiation?

    - A more precise example, DM interacts with baryonic matter gravitationally. The mystery of the collapse of the wavefunction, according to Roger Penrose may well be linked in one or another way to gravity. Could DM play some role in it?

    - DM as the "shadow" of parallel worlds: In the "many worlds" interpretation of QM advocated by David Deutsch, parallel universes are split apart, but still universes which are very close to each other (such as just splitting in a double slit experiment) still interact with eachother slighly, enough as to produce interference. If this picture would be correct, could it be that what we describe as DM is just the slight gravitational interaction of parallel universes which are still so close to ours that they are a kind of "blurred shadow" of our own?
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