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Database suggestions

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    I need to make a database of a bunch of samples and log several bits of info about each sample. Any software suggestions on how to do this? A spreadsheet really doesn't work and I want to keep this within Windows.
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    PostgreSQL or MySQL
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    You mean making your own database using a programming language, or using something like mdb or Microsoft Database?
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    PostgreSQL and MySQL are both tailored towards UNIX, which the poster desires something more tailored towards Windows. Last time I checked, PostgreSQL did not have a Windows port, and MySQL charged for a Win32 version (client was free). I could be out of date here, but I think Foxpro or Access would be the better route to go. Also, experience with SQL is very useful to have with PostgreSQL or MySQL. If the poster doesn't have this experience then, again, Access is the best in this situation.
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    No, MySQL only charges for corporate licenses(I think the lowest level is $200 at least that's what it used to be). MySQL is open source and free to use on all platforms for non-corporate uses. In fact MySQL has better support of MS and Apple than it does for Linux. Actually, MySQL may be used by corporations as long as the use does not violate the GPL. If a corporation wants to develope a piece of software based on MySQL and keep the code secret then a MySQL license is required. http://www.mysql.com/company/legal/licensing/

    [edit]PostGRE can be built under Windows as well: http://www.weberdev.com/Manuals/Postgre7.4.2/install-win32.html [Broken]
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