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DC Network theorems Norton’s and Thevenin’s theorem

  1. Apr 27, 2009 #1
    thanks for taking time to try and help me out, i have hit a brick wall with these questions, i have made an attempt and dont no where to go from there, and feed back would be great thanks alot...

    The problem
    Using both Norton’s and Thevenin’s theorem determine the power dissipated in the 4Ω resistance.

    If the 4Ω resistance was removed calculate the value of load that will result in maximum power being transferred

    Calculate the value of power transferred

    the circuit has a:-
    60 V supply


    2. Relevant equations
    I = V
    P= I^2R

    3. The attempt at a solution
    I = V
    = 60
    = 1.02
    P= I^2R
    = 1.02^2 * 4
    = 4.426 W
    I = V
    = 60
    P= I^2R
    = 1.10^2 * 54.5
    = 65.945 w
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    The Electrician

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    You should post a schematic of your problem.

    It might be seen sooner if you upload to an image hosting site, and post the link here.
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