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Dc Voltage reduction LiPo battery

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    I have what seems to be a untractable problem
    On a racing motorcycle I am using a total loss ingition/datalogging and water pump system. To power this I am using a 5000Ma 30C LiPo battery (used because of it light weight and small size). The measured battery output is 15.2 Volts. Both the ignition and datalogger are fine at this voltage as their parameters are 8-16VDC, however the control system for the waterpump is specified 12-13.5VDC. Sure enough when I connect this into the circuit the conroller has all sorts of issues.. Do you guys know of an elegant way to reduce the input voltage to an acceptable level?

    I have though of using a couple of diodes in series, but to be honest I dont know which ones to buy!

    Any help would be greatfully recieved.
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    The first thing you need to know is how much current the water pump draws. This will tell you how much current the diodes must handle. When buying diodes I'd buy ones for at least double the amount of current the water pump draws.

    The diodes are probably the easiest way to drop a little voltage.
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    Sorry - Yes max current draw is 12Amps, if the diode solution is the best way I really need to know which ones to get...... or some way of calculating the value for them..
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