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De-noising an accelerometer with autoregression

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    I want to ask about denoising accelerometre with autoregression after filtring high frequency noise. I analysed the noise with Burg method.
    To denoise the signal, I made a simulation with autoregression and subtracted it from the noised signal.
    Now, I have a problem. The std of the signale become bigger.

    What does it mean ? or this is a wrong way to denoise a signal ?
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    It's a tough problem. Can you show an example graph or something like that?
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    I'm not sure that I applied correctly the filter.

    do I have to simulate the process the auto-regression, then subtract the simulation for the original signal.

    or use the transfer function like that : Y(n) =S(n)*1/(1+Σiαn-iY(n-i)) , where S(n) is the original signal ?

    Sorry, i'm not very familiar with signal processing
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