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Deformation-Mechanism Maps; Creep

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    Deformation-Mechanism Maps, The Plasticity and Creep of Metals and Ceramics, by Harold J Frost, Dartmouth College, USA, and Michael F Ashby, Cambridge University, UK.

    Creep is a slow plastic flow of a material, and plastic flow is a kinetic process.


    I'll elaborate later, but others are certainly welcome and encouraged to contribute.
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    One of my thesis committee members, an outstanding metallurgist, taught me: "There is no such thing as elasticity, only negligible plasticity." Creep occurs in all materials at all temperatures; nothing is immune. Of course, the deformation is generally undetectable at less than a considerable fraction -- perhaps one-third or one-half -- of the absolute melting temperature.

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    The text does make such a point - "Although it is often convenient to think of a polycrystalline solid as having a well defined yield strength, below which it does not flow and above which flow is rapid, this is true only at absolute zero."
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