Deja vu

  1. alright i have an understanding that deja vu is a ripple in space-time because of maybe a star going super nova or whatever, is that a creditable claim?
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    No it is not a creditable claim. It has no evidence, and it puts forth no mechanism by which a "ripple in spacetime" (i.e. a gravity wave) could affect some area in a person's brain. Gravity waves, if they exist, are both very weak and very long waved. A gravity wave is a hundred or more times the size of a person's head, and there are fundamental laws of wave behavior that say a wave can't interact with something a great deal smaller than its wave length.
  4. but what if we are rippled into another dimension and expirence a direction not known to us and we enter a different realm or time?
  5. Hi Jlorino,

    Hey, I've had those experiences myself. They seem more real than here sometimes.

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    You obviously aren't "rippled into another dimension". Deja Vu experiences are common to us all, and are not mystical but brain processes. If you want to go on in this line, please post on the skepticism forum.
  7. Everyone knows, deja vu is simply a glitch in the matrix. Now if you prefere to call it a space time warp that is fine. No need to worry, the AI will straighten it out by the time you realized something happened.

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