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Density and molar concentration

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    a book(j.p holman,heat transfer 7e,chapter 11) gives
    C (subindex)A = (ro) subindex A= P subindex A x M subindex A / Ro(universal) T

    but another book(stanley middleman,an introduction to mass and heat transfer) gives
    Ci=(ro)i/Mi. these are very different from each other.Ci is total molar concentration of
    that species and ro is density that is mass concentration to be used in Fick's law.which one is true?
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    The holman equation is for the mass density CA of a species in an ideal gas if the species partial pressure is PA. So ρoA is the mass density.

    In the middleman equation, ρi is the mass density of species i in a liquid or a gas, and Ci is the molar density of the species.
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