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Homework Help: Density function question

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    find the density function of z=tan(Y)

    i had a similar question

    find the density function of W=a+bx
    the solution is

    how to solve the first question ??
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    Please, tell us what you are talking about!

    I think that you are saying that uniformly distributed between [itex]-2\pi[/itex] and [itex] and [itex]2\pi[/itex], but I have to guess that bcause you didn't even say this was a probability question!

    What have you done? You know that you are to show what efforts you have already made don't you?

    What is the density function for Y?
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    it is probability question

    the density function of Y is distributed evenly

    i tried to solve it like the example question i showed

    but here in tangense i have no idea
    because i could find teh density by this
    but this is wrong because if we have an interval mutiplication streches it
    subtraction moves it to the left
    but tangense
    i have no idea
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    Since Y itself is uniformly distributed from [itex]-2\pi[/itex] to [itex]2\pi[/itex], its cumulative probability function is [itex]x/(2\pi)[/itex] an its density function is the constant [itex]dY/dx= 1/(2\pi)[/itex]. The density function of Z= tan(Y) is the derivative of tan(Y): [itex]d(tan(x/(2\pi))[/itex].
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    you said facts but how you get to them?
    the final solution is
    so its like you said

    but i cant see a logical way like in the solved example i showed
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