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Homework Help: Derive the r, theta, and phi unit vectors?

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    DJGriffiths, 3rd ed., Prob 1.37: derive the [tex]\hat{r}[/tex], [tex]\hat{\theta}[/tex], and [tex]\hat{\phi}[/tex] unit vectors in terms of [tex]\hat{x}[/tex], [tex]\hat{y}[/tex], and [tex]\hat{z}[/tex].

    I know the formula and how to find them, but derive them?? ...unless this is what is meant?

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    I believe that is what it meant. Find them in terms of x,y,z.
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    Ok! That's easy. Why Griffith used the word "derive" - as if from first principles - is beyond me.

    thx, i needed that! :)

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