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Diamagnetism is the property of an object

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    Diamagnetism is the property of an object which causes it to create a magnetic field in opposition of an externally applied magnetic field, thus causing a repulsive effect. This is property of all materials. But can be perceive only for materials which atoms or ions have closed shells. Examples: ionic crystals, noble gases...

    Why this property can be perceived only for closed shells?
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    Re: Diamagnetism

    hello for all
    i want book about paramagnetism and ferro, dai,anti ferro and ferrite
    if you have this book please tell me
    thank you
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    Re: Diamagnetism

    Systems with open shells will have a much stronger paramagnetic response, so the diamagnetic response gets overwhelmed. For a closed shell system, there is no paramagnetic response so only the diamagnetic response is present.
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    Re: Diamagnetism

    have you tried the hyperphysics website? it's great for basics. for more advanced material maybe try Kittel?
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