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Diffeq review book suggestions?

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    Hi, sorry if this is posted/answered all the time, but I need some book advice.

    Basically, I will be taking this course in the fall:

    And required prep knowledge for entering this course is:

    Now I've taken tons of Linear Algebra and Multivariable calculus, but I need brush up on diffeqs. Basically, I'd like a book that reviews/covers what I need to know from the second class.

    I thought of Schaum's outlines, but I also figured that Resize's book might review in the first couple chapters what I need to know also. Any suggestions? Thanks. :)
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    The Boyce and DiPrima text is quite basic - and not a hard read - why not use that one?

    If not, Strogatz: Nonlinear dynamics and chaos: With applications to physics, biology, chemistry, and engineering, is an option.

    Though, for a prerequisite, I'd go for B&DiP
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    I was kinda hoping I wouldn't have to drop extra $$$ for another textbook, but I guess it isn't a big deal. Is Boyce & DiPrima the kind of text scientists and engineers should always keep on their shelves as a reference? If so I'll consider buying it, otherwise, if I do buy a textbook I would like to have one to keep around forever.
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    B&DiP's more of a core book for an UG maths course on DEs.

    Strogatz has more applicable examples.

    (I still have B&DiP on my shelf from UG days tho' - and still look to it from time to time.)

    Can you not get it out of the library - read through it, and see if you like what you see.
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    Arfken, Mathematical Methods for Physicists?
    useful forever :)
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    braun, ode book with applications, is available cheap and to me is highly preferable to bdip.
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