Difference between Capillary Rise and Capillary Depression

  1. As the title states, can anyone help me understand what the difference between the two is? I've been trying to look everywhere but nothing really explains why they're different. I just thought it would be the same.

    This is based on the capillary rise method for surface tension.
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    Do you know what the wetting angle is and how it depends on the interactions between liquid, surrounding gas and capillary walls?
  4. I do yes, mercury has an angle greater than 90 degrees unlike other solutions. But this only applies to mercury does it not?
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    No, it applies to all liquids on all surfaces. Depending on which interactions are stronger liquid either "prefers" to sit as a spherical droplet or to spread away on the surface - in both cases it tries to find the minimum energy form. Physical/mathematical description is always the same.
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