Difference between P-spice and LT-spice.

  1. I just wanted to find out if there was a difference ?

    We have to do an assignment on p-spice but I couldn't find a place to download P-spice (a working version I mean).

    Can I use LT spice instead ? Are p-spice and LT-spice essentially the same ?
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  4. That's the one I previously downloaded.

    I download it but when I unzip it I don't know where it saved.

    I had a hard trying to install it.
  5. Just unzip it again, but with your own directory such as C:\Pspice instead of the default which I have no idea myself where it takes you.
  6. Alright thanks it works now.

    I guess I should have thought of that.

    Thanks a-lot.

    Best Regards

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