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Okay so, PF, here is my situation! I have my cell phone and my digital camera and they both came with those wall chargers where you plug in a USB cable into the actual wall plug. This allows you to use the same cable to charge off a wall or a computer. Now, I was wondering if I can use the plugs interchangably. One wall plug is rated at 5V 800mA and the other at 5V 700mA. Can these plugs basically be used interchangably? I wouldn't want to supply too much current if one of the devices can't handle that much.


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To much available current is not a problem. The problem is to LITTLE available current, you would not want to charge a device that needs 500ma on charger which can only supply 200ma. This could lead to damage to the charger.

Then sell multi port USB chargers which are generally rated at about 1A per port.

Charger current ratings are usually available current it is not a problem to use less then the max available. IT is a problem to pull to much current.
The device you are charging PULLS current--the charger doesn't PUSH it. So if you check the current requirements of a particular device, as long as it is below 700mA in your case either charger should support it. I have a wall charger that came with my Kodak camera rated at 5V and 1000mA. It does not have an integrated cable--just a USB port on the underside of the charger along with a seperate charge cable that goes from the camera to either this charger or the USB port on my laptop. I use it to charge everything I own that is made to be charged from a USB port--cameras, portable MP3 players, PDA, phone, etc. I've not had any problem using this one charger to support the various devices because they are all meant to charge at 5V and all pull less than 1A, and they all came with a seperate charging cable meant to fit a common USB port...

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