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Different metals and their compounds' reaction to Microwaves

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    Does anyone know of any studies into exactly how much various metals reflect or absorb microwaves with relationship to the microwaves wavelength and ideally theyt compounds too?
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    A little searching turned up this article. While I can't vouch for the absolute accuracy of the article, the references at the end might be a place to get some background. They are at least 10-15 years old, however.

    Given that the surface of a metal object (smoothness, etc.) has a large effect on microwave interaction, I would expect studies in this area to be fairly complicated.
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    Solid conductive metals will efficiently reflect microwaves like a mirror. That reflection prevents the vast majority of the energy from entering the body of the metal.

    Metal compounds will partially reflect, transmit and absorb microwave energy depending on the conductive, dielectric and magnetic properties of the material.

    The shape and size make a difference to the pattern of reflective scattering. Microwave antennas and waveguides are made from metals.

    Metal sheet will screen things from microwaves so long as the hole dimensions are small compared with the wavelength.
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