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Differential Equation

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    I don't know where to start with the question ,can anyone here help me plzz.
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    This equation looks to be solvable using the variation of parameters method or a green's function. To rearrange:


    The method states that if you have


    then let y1 and y2 be solutions to the associated homogeneous equation.

    Then the particular solution is


    where u1 and u2 satisfy both:



    and the general solution:


    To use a green's function to find yp, then


    where the green's function, K(x,t), is defined as


    and the Wronskian, W[y1,y2](t), is defined as

    [tex]W[y_1,y_2](t)=\begin{vmatrix} y_1 & y_2 \\ y_1' & y_2' \end{vmatrix}=y_1y_2'-y_2y_1'[/tex]

    unless I made a typo somewhere.
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    Wow U r legend!Thanks a lot matey ;)
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