Differential Pressure Transmitter (DPT) Calibration

  1. I understand the basic principle behind pressure sensor calibration but i am still not able to do a calibration problem. Could someone Explain how you would go about calibrating a standard 4-20mA Differential Pressure Transmitter (DPT) to measure differential pressure in the range 5 to 20 psi?
    Or direct me to literature that may be helpful in solving this problem. Thanks in Advance.
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  3. A calibrated pressure pump is often used. With the calibrated pressure pump, you would "teach" the instrument that 5 psid is 4 mA and 20 psid is 20 mA.
  4. thanks for replying...
  5. if you are using a smart transmitter you can use a hart communicator ..set URV and LRV according to your requirement..

    pls refer the following link for more information..
    DP transmitter calibration procedure
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