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Digital signal processing and the z-transform

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    I am currently learning Digital Signal Processing from Applied Digital Signal Processing by Manolakis and Ingle. However, my background is in mathematics, so I like being shown why an assertion is true. So, in the chapter about the z-transform is where I start seeing this becoming an issue.

    So, what book can I use to complement Manolakis' and Ingles book? Currently, I am just looking for rigorous proofs of the results in the chapter about the z-transform.
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    Do you have any complex analysis textbooks from your math background that touch on the z-transform?

    Any example of results that you are particularly interested in rigorous proofs for?
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    I have a complex analysis textbook, but I do not think it touches upon the z-transform, but when I am back home, I'll look through the table of contents.

    I was reading through the chapter on z-transform two weeks ago, so I do not remember now exactly what I was discontent with. However, I do remember one thing I did not quite understand: When learning about how I can use the ROC to find out what the sequence will look like, I cannot remember learning why it will be the way I was shown it will; I was just told so.
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