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Directions in vectors

  1. Apr 5, 2008 #1
    I don't understand the difference between 58deg N of E and E 58deg N. Could someone please explain.
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    Imagine the face of a compass. 58o N of E means that you start at E and then turn 58o anti-clockwise towards N. 58o E of N means that you start at N and then turn 58o clockwise towards E.
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    IOW; 58o N of E means 90o (E) - 58o = (a compass heading of) 32o, while 58o E of N means a compass heading of 58°.
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    Guys please look at the way the words in the two values are ordered. I realize 58deg E of N is different than 58 deg N of E. But that is not what I asked. Please read it again. To me the two values 58deg North of East and East 58deg North seem the same. The first one seems like you are heading east and then angle upward 58deg. The second one also seem like you are heading east and then you angle 58deg north. What am I missing?
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