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Distance measurement

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    Hi all
    I have assigned a task to measure distance at two points seperated 200 mm apart on a cylinder having diameter about 300 mm dia. The distance from point and measuring point will be 150 mm and that of for second point will be 150.05mm.I have an idea of using two lasers mounted 200 mm apart on a fixture and measure the time travelled by both beams and calculate the distance.
    But I am looking after opinion for design in view to carry out feasbility study in details.I also welcome the thoughts/opinion for laser specifications and suppliers thereof.
    All thoughts are highly appreciated.
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    Could you show a diagram of your setup? I don't think, at these distances, that time of travel will be an effective means to measure distance. Would your setup lend itself to interferometry?
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    Perhaps you could think in terms of ultrasound instead of light?
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