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Homework Help: Diver's moment of inertia

  1. Mar 23, 2008 #1
    I need help seriously anyone can help, because i honestly have no clue.

    Q # 1. why is it possible for a high diver to execute more front somersaults in the tuck position than in the layout position?

    Q # 2. An air hockey puck is whirling on the end of a string that passes through a small hole in the center of the table. what happens to the speed of the puck as the string is slowly pulled down through the hole?

    Q # 3 as you walk from the center of a merry go round toward the outer edge, the merry go round slows. IS angular momentum conserved?
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    What happens to the diver's moment of inertia when they tuck themselves in? How does the diver's moment of inertia relate to his/her angular momentum?

    Same basic concept for Q3
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