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Courses Do all math books for a particular course cover the same topics

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    I.e. If you have two or more completely different textbooks for a college calculus course or any mathematics course , then will some of the books omit important things, and other books will probably cover more things, How can you be sure your getting a good education with math and science if some of the books for classes might be a little different?
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    What they contain varies by the taste of the author. However, you are pretty much guaranteed to see all of the standard stuff in all books. Any calculus brick is going to cover Taylor's theorem, the fundamental theorem of calculus, the mean-value theorem, change of variables, Green, Gauss, Stokes plus all the standard rules of integration and differentiation.

    When you go further in math, the topics covered in two different books start to vary quite a lot. At the elementary level you will mostly notice differences in presentation. Some books have rigorous proofs, some don't and some books are very well written while others suck terribly.
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