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B Do atoms give off radiation that determines the colour?

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    Do atoms give off radiation that determines the colour? I want to understand this, please give me explanation.
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    Simon Bridge

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    There is quite a bit written about hoe objects get their colour - have you tried a google search?
    This sort of question is commonly posed as a homework research assignment - but even if this is not the case, it is a good exercize for you to try finding out for yourself: you will learn more that way.

    Generally - you see objects because light from the Sun (or other light source) gets scattered off the surface and some of that light ends up in your eyes.
    Not all colours of light are scattered equally, and some colours get absorbed, so they don't scatter at all.
    Not all colours are available in the light all the time either ... but when they are, it is called "white light".
    ... and some objects to emit their own light.

    With that in mind - have another look through the internet and tell me what you find.
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    @LSMOG, please do some reading first and come back if you have more precise questions. Also, be careful to properly label the thread: you had indicated an Advanced thread, but this is definitely Basic.

    Thread closed.
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