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Do stationary electric fields have a magnetic field too?

  1. Aug 21, 2014 #1
    I know that a magnetic field will have an electric field bc there is charges, and they are moving.

    Thanks physicsforums!
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    A static [not changing with respect to time] electric field does not have a magnetic field. Similarly, a static magnetic field does not have an electric field.
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    How can there be a static magnetic field when it is due to a moving charge. A charge will always have an electric field. Therefore, I think that the magnetic field will always be associated with an electric field, but an electric field will depend if the source charge is moving. Any thoughts on my analysis Chronos?
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    Think how a bar magnet has a stationary magnetic field due to electrons moving in its material.
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    Will this mean that the bar magnet also has an efield due to the electrons? And thus, will the direction of E field be radially moving inwards, and the magnetic field will be moving around north and south?
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    The e-field of the bar magnet is practically zero because the e-field due to electrons is practically cancelled by the e-field due to protons which are equally and positevely charged.
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    Ahhh thanks that makes sense!
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    What is the Quantum Scenario of these phenomenon.Because in classical sense an electron while circling around nucleus as well as due to spin on its own axis will create two different magnetic fields.Alignment of the first type according to a theory gives rise to fields combining to give field of bar magnet.
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