Does anyone know any childern's books about Newtons Laws or Catapults?

  1. Hey everyone,

    Random question.

    Does anyone know any good childern's books about newton's laws or catapults? I was thinking about getting a gift for my cousin who is turning 10 soon. He really likes catapults so I was thinking about getting him an educational book about catapults, newton's laws of motion, or the history of siege engines. Any suggested books you guys could recommend would be awesome. Thanks

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  3. These are suggestions of physics books.

    I don't know how appropriate this would be for 10 year old but I was gifted this one. It's awesome. If your cousin loves physics he will love it even more.

    also this great

    also try Physics for Entertainment by Yakov Perelman I'm not sure about this one. And I think it has 2 volumes

    Note: All the books are general physics. They are not specific to newton's laws or catapult. But they are great if someone loves physics.
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