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Double-Slit At Home

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    So im a sophmoore in highschool and i am really interested in quantum physics and i am fascinated by the double slit experiment. So i wondered, is there a way that i could reproduce the same results using common materials such as a laser pointer and aluminum foil. Any point at all would be greatly appreciated
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    Not really, I think...the slits are normally done by fancy equipment so they're incredibly small. However, there's a neat trick you can do that gives the same results as the single slit experiment: shine a laser pointer on a single hair of yours (held taut so it doesn't curve or whatever). I think for some reason, the inverse of something that diffracts light will diffract the same way.
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    It works if you take a piece of transparent glass or plastic, cover an area of it with a sharpie, and then scratch out two parallel lines with a pin, very close together.

    For safety, watch for specular reflections and make sure they don't go in your eye. Work with all the apparatus below eye level.

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    If you don't insist on exactly two "slits", you can use a CD as a reflective diffraction grating.
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    Just tries the single hair thing and it actually works!
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