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Double Whammy M7.6's in central Peru

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    still coming in on my seismo gear

    151124 2245 and 2250UT M 7.6 and 7.6 double event Peru  zhi.gif

    USGS info.....
    2245UT M 7.6 600km deep
    2250UT M 7.6 606km deep

    Note magnitudes may change a little after more station data is reviewed by the USGS

    on my mate's short period seismo sensor, the 2 separate large P arrival spikes are clearly visible
    ( he is around 250km NNW of my location)
    his recording shows that the P wave od the second event didn't hit the same amplitude as the first one


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    Ouch! Two big ones in a row. Any reports of injuries yet?
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    not that I have heard

    was just googling news in them .... gosh there is masses of garbage posts ... really shocking

    this pair of events are well on the east side of the Andes mountains, on the border with Brazil)
    fortunately their great depth 600km is going lessen the impact greatly.... well felt over a wide area
    rather than very intense in a close in area if they were shallow

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