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Drag coefficient of an object in freefall in air

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    We are doing a project on the terminal velocity of a badminton shuttlecock and also have to find the drag coefficientof it. The problem that i have is that we are doing this very low budget I.E. throwing the shuttlecock from a window and filming it, now if i am correct to find the Cd we need to know the drag and to find the drag we need to know the Cd can anyone help me find out how to work out either from the method that we used if it is possible at all. thank you Owen Berry
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    Can you show some work/formulas?
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    If you drop the shuttlecock from high enough then it will come very close to terminal velocity. At that point the drag force equals weight.
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    You do it the same way this is done in any wind tunnel. You figure out a way to measure the drag force on the model while it is in the moving air. That way you now only have one unknown, the Cd. Perhaps if you put it at the end of a fish scale or other force measuring hand held device, you can get some crude numbers for the drag force. You would then know the temperature, the speed and the force. From there on out it's simple calculations.
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    thanks for that fred
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