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'Drift' in strain gauges

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    when talking about strain gauges, what does 'drift' refer to exactly?
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    Drift refers to a strain gauge's tendency to deviate from the actual reading due to variations in temperature. It is the main reason when selecting gauges for testing that they be as close to the parent material as possible.
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    Lost in PF

    Not sure if this is correct form but I have a question. I am building,(in the process of planning to build) a hovercraft. But not just a hovercraft, which is itself exciting enough, but one that uses very little horsepower to operate. I feel that I need a least a basic knowledge of wing shapes or contours, not sure the correct label, in order to design my device properly. This knowledge should link together Reynold's number with these shapes. Who can help me with this idea?
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    Normouse, you seem to have an off-centre idea of what a hovercraft is. If you're talking about wings, you probably have a WIGE (Wing In Ground Effect) vehicle in mind. That is a totally different animal.
    By the bye, this should be a separate thread, since it has nothing to do with the original post.
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    New type of hovercraft

    Maybe this is the wrong thread but I know exactly what a hovercraft is. How do I get on the correct thread?
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    You simply start a new thread under the appropriate sub-forum. If unsure, PM a mentor.

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