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DSP on Data Acquired from Agilent Software

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    Data available from Agilent Network Analyzer is usually in the form of s-parameters.I want to know how to perform motion detection on s-parameter data which is usually available in frequency domain(from analyzer)?

    Usually motion detection techniques are available for time-domain data,not frequency .also for motion detection we need only reflected data but s-parameters are ratio-ed results?
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    s-parameters don't have that kind information. They are not "scattering" like radar in that sense - there is no time domain data in the form of incident pulse timing (there are no pulses being the reason - network analyzers use CW signals and the only timing data is relative phase as an average deviation compared to the incident source signal per frequency).

    For motion detection you generally need to use pulses and measure the difference in edge timing between incident and reflected. Network Analyzers don't/can't do this.

    The main purpose of a network analyzer is to measure impedance of load or the transfer function of a device or distributed parameter equivalents of this (which is what s-parameters are). Also s-parameter are purely linear parameters - if the load or transfer function is non-linear with power levels, the s-parameters you get are wrong.
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