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Dumb from contact buzz

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    I just moved in with some new people who, I have found out, smoke a lot of weed. Now the internet is full of info about how passive smoking can explain a positive drug test but this is not what i'm interested in. I'm afraid I could get dumber from the passive smoke inhalation. If that's the case I need to get it to stop. I spend 10 hrs a day doing mathematics and getting good at it and I don't want to see it go to waste.
    What would you do?
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    Before moving in with these people, did one ask these people if they smoked?

    If they smoke, they should take it outside. On the other hand, it if is their property, it's their right to smoke indoors. If they persist in smoking in common indoor areas, I'd suggest looking for a new place to live.
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    Chi Meson

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    The effect of weed is only a temporary stupidity. If you are continuously in a haze of smoke, then I'd worry about the affects of the particulate matter on your lungs in about 30 or 40 years. There are so many other sources of unhealthy vapors and particles, I wouldn't worry about long term brain effects.

    Are you actually getting buzzed from it? If so,how often? As I recall, you need to be breathing a thick haze for a while to pick up enough to feel an effect, but I don't know what they've done to Cannabis in the last two decades; for all I know pot leaves are producing solid chunks of THC crystals. Either way, I think that the other concern you mentioned (positives on drug tests, especially the hair test) is more relevant. Make sure you are out of that situation for a month or two before you get close to a situation that may require one.
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    Not in the United States. Here, marijuana is illegal and you don't have a right to smoke it anywhere.
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    you mean you didn't know those guys were gettin' high when you moved in with them? Der dawg. And they ain't gonna' stop neither. Now what? you gonna start gettin' high with them too if you don't watch it. you know how it goes, havin' a party, hottie you're interested it, she's gettin' high too. "oh common' it's just a little weed, just try it." And I mean she's so fine you really want some of it. Hard to resist that. "what the heck, everybody's gettin' high, lemme' just try it, sides, sure would like to get a little bit of that. . . "

    Gonna' have to move out. No other solution to this equation.
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    I would find another place to live.
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    Note - I did not refer to illegal activities, merely smoking - whether tobaco or otherwise. The point is to know beforehand the people with whom one is living. I would not chose to live with a person who smoked in the house.

    When I travel, I request a non-smoking room in hotels that still allow smoking in the rooms.
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    First, rid yourself of the misconception that weed makes you stupid no matter what, that will serve to ease your worries, which will help. Take some time during your mathematics studies to do some research on cannabis and see how much you actually know about it, not simply what you have heard. Second, set up a living-scenario where they do not smoke in the house out of respect for you, whether or not it makes you stupid you still may not want to have smoking in your house constantly. You will not get stupid from a contact buzz from other people smoking inside, I do not know how much they would have to haze a room for you to even get a contact buzz. Finally, realize that by "stupid" you may mean only "short term memory loss" and realize that that is temporary, a temporary you probably would not like to deal with, but that's ok because your not getting high, moreover, the short term memory loss is proportional to the amount you smoke/how frequently (with of course a good old proportionality constant for the individual), but in any case it is extremely limited for those who do not smoke much and for someone such as yourself, nonexistant.

    * haha Chrisxx beat me to the punch, and I agree with him, the alcohol analogy was good. And I especially enjoy the last suggestion, do some maths, do some girls, do some drinkin
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    I just don't get why people make this type of thread, they can't be that stupid that they can't fuigure out the solution. IT really winds me up.

    1. Staying in the same house with people smoking weed will do precisely nothing to you unless you
    a: smoke it yourself.
    b: stand with your head DIRECTLY next to it
    c: Unless the air is so thick with da ganja that you can't see. Even then you'll kill more braincells from walking into wall becuase of impaired vision. This is akin to smelling some booze and being worried it's murdering your brain cells. It'll kill brain cells sure (but not really any more than die anyway), but won't make you a gibbering simpleton.

    2. If you dont like it... MOVE. (I note you say that YOU moved in, not THEM)

    It's not <fornication> difficult is it really. Or do you just want us to stroke your ego for doing 10 hours of maths or agree with you totally that smoking weed is evil, and wrong, and horrid etc OP?

    You do 10 hours of maths a day. I'd suggest you go and get a girlfriend and learn to stop being so uptight. Maybe drink a Malibu... make you more easy going.
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    I disagree. It will do something to you and you don't even have to smell it. They're gettin' high and you're not. That immediately marginalizes you. you don't engage with them as you should, tension builds up because you're not gettin' high, not being with them and hanging out with them. It's not a good situation to be in and the temptation is always there to start smoking with them.

    It's his business if he wants to do math all day long for that matter. Why are you criticizing him for that? Maybe he needs some positive input from others. Is that what you would have told your son if he came to you with that? I think you did more harm than good in this matter but after all, it's just a general discussion forum.
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    Thread has turned into a rant. Closed.
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