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Homework Help: Dynamics question regarding moment of inertia

  1. Nov 11, 2013 #1
    Hi, I have a question regarding a dynamics question that be found here:http://by.genie.uottawa.ca/~mess/files/MCG_2107/MCG2107_M2005_p2.pdf, It is the first problem on that link (labeled number 2.)

    I did ƩFx, ƩFy, ƩMG which allowed me to find angular acceleration, frictional force, and acceleration of G.
    Friction force and acceleration of G were correct but angular acceleration was wrong.
    My equations were:
    ƩFx: -μkN + T cos(30)=maG
    ƩFy: N-mg+Tsin(30)=0
    ƩMG: Tcos(30)(0.075)-μkN(0.2)=Iα
    ΔFf=17.6N, Ag=1.0281, α=8.84
    α should be equal to .295
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    hi chicagobears34! :smile:
    why cos(30) ? :wink:
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