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E-ink device for surveying research articles

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    I am looking for a good e-ink device with the following features:

    a. PDF support with annotations. The screen should be capable of displaying one full page with readable font.
    b. easy navigation to different parts of long article. Navigating by page number would be helpful.
    c. internet access

    I have tried Kindle, 6" E Ink Display. It supports annotations but one PDF page is split into two parts which obstructs the reading flow. Navigation is handy (two buttons for page up and page down) but navigation to a distant part of the article requires lot of time.

    Kindle was designed for reading books and it serves it best. I was wondering if there is any such device for surveying research articles (with lot of equations).
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    That's unfortunately difficult. I've wanted an A4 sized e-reader for quite a while but there aren't any products like that out at the moment, at least in my country. Sony have a 13.3" e-reader that looks great and would seem to meet your needs. It's called Digital Paper, it used to be that you could only buy them in Japan (or ebay) but it seems that the sony website is selling them directly. Not sure what countries they ship to though (I tried to add one to my cart to check but it wouldn't let me for some reason). They're quite pricey though at over $1,000.

    As far as I know the only thing that will do the trick is a tablet, large e-readers just don't seem to have come to market. I use my ipad for reading articles in PDF form (can't remember ever using it for annotations but I'm sure there are apps for that).
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    Thank you very much for the suggestion.

    Digital paper indeed seems to meet the requirements but, as you mention, it is quiet costly :(.
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