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Homework Help: Easy differential equation?

  1. Jun 16, 2009 #1
    Easy differential equation??

    I appreciate any help with this problem.

    dy/dx =x+y^2

    I need to solve it but i tried to do this by seperating the variables and i can 't do it. And then i need to integrate that to find y.

    Thanks for help
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    Re: Easy differential equation??

    This doesn't look like an easy differential equation to me. Is solving the differential equation the exercise or did you find that differential equation by trying so solve another problem?
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    Re: Easy differential equation??

    The solution isn't elementary (Mathematica gives a messy solution which uses the Bessel function).
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    Re: Easy differential equation??

    Are you sure you don't mean [tex]\frac{{dy}}{{dx}} = xy^2 [/tex]? That's a separable equation
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    Re: Easy differential equation??

    Hello, thanks for helping. It turned out it can be solved using Euler's method,
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