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Homework Help: Eccentricity of the Ellipse

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    How would I find the eccentricity of the ellipse:
    x^2/49 + y^2/64 = 1

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    The standard form of an ellipse is [tex]\frac{{x^2 }}{{a^2 }} + \frac{{y^2 }}{{b^2 }} = 1[/tex].

    Another constant c is defined as: [itex]c^2 \equiv a^2 - b^2[/itex]

    Finally, we define the eccentricity as: [itex]e = \frac{c}{a}[/itex]
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    Do you know a formula for eccentricity? I would be very surprized if your textbook asks a question like this and does not include a formula!

    If your textbook does not have such a formula or you do not have a textbook (not a good idea!) you could go to "google.com" and enter "ellipse eccentricity". I just did that and found a very simple formula at the first hit.
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    Thank you very much
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