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Effect of Air temp on fuel cell

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    Recently, I got a hobby grade mini- fuel cell after watching a youtube video. Sometimes the fuel cell doesn't perform steadily. What effect does the surrounding air temperature have on PEMs? will it work better if i run in near an AC? (:wink:)

    I've seen some really complex images on the internet about the actual stacks used in cars, almost all of them have a thing called air pre-cooler. to what temperatures does it cool the air before it enters the cell? and is it applicable on small scale?

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    It may not be the temperature that is important, it may be the humidity. At least for some designs of fuel cell. The electrodes in some designs are porous structures that can get "plugged" if water condenses on them. Running the air through a chiller before it goes through the cell can remove a lot of humidity.
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